Wow! Now Everyone Can See Us!!!

Hello All!!!! I posted blogs and pictures and updates on our other site for a few months, but nobody wanted to log on to see them, so we are now on a site that anyone can see at anytime with out signing in. HORRAY!! He-Man suggests that I cut and paste the other blogs from our other site, so I’ll work on doing that. The thing is, right now we are having strange weather…clouds and wind and HUGE dust storms, so the internet is somewhat un-reliable. We haven’t been able to connect on a regular basis, but it should be much better now. Check back often to see what’s going on in Sunny Southern Arizona with the Lamb Fam!!!


One thought on “Wow! Now Everyone Can See Us!!!

  1. Well, Golly! I Like It! In Fact, I Copied You! Wow! An “Easy To Use” Blog Site! Groovy! Far Out!

    Far Out AND Groovy!

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