Oooooh, The Arizona Sun…

Well, here we are! All three of us adults in the pool with 5 children in our arms. Are we crazy?? YES!!! (There I am in the back with Mr. B and Mikey kicking like mad to get out of my arms.) Sheesh. I don’t know how two boys raised in Arizona with the heat and the lack of rain can be such water bugs.
Here’s the deal…my Mom’s pool is kinda small, so the rule is that only the kids can wear sunscreen – not the adults. Fine, right? Cuz how much time do we really spend in the water anyway? Maybe an hour before the kids get tired and start swallowing so much water they look like little Etheopian children with their protruding bellies. We get out of the water, sit in the shade, and open our picnic lunches – PB & J sandwiches, YUM!!! Then, while the children are playing in the little water table, the three of us decide that we want to get a tan and LAY OUT IN THE SUN. Yep, you heard me right. We set up the lounge chairs, took off our towels and actually layed outside while the sun was shining.
I have to tell you that all three of us are wearing our brand new swimsuits, and they just happen to be bikinis. This is the first time ANY of us has worn a bikini. So just sit a minute and imagine the whiteness…oh yes, it’s a disturbing thought.
There we are, in the sun, whitness glowing, skin burning. “Hey”, I ask. “Did either of you put sunscreen on when you got out of the pool?”. “Nope”, they both answer. I announce that we better get out of the sun and we did – not a moment tooooooo soon!! We are all fried to a crispy crunch. I haven’t been able to sleep for two days; I can’t roll over because of the burn between my shoulderblades. The other Sarah can’t sleep ‘cuz her shoulders are so crisp, and Kristi can’t really move ‘cuz of the redness on her legs. The kids are fine though – not a bit of color, and that’s good thing here in AZ.
This morning, Sarah calls and says, “What are you doing tomorrow?” All I can say is “I’m NOT swimming!”
But it’s funny how I had to think about it for a minute because out here, the water is soooo alluring; almost hypnotizing…maybe if I put on a shirt….


2 thoughts on “Oooooh, The Arizona Sun…

  1. Hey sarah, I heard soon it could be THREE in your arms!?!?!?!True? You ARE crazy, but hey that’s why we love ya!

  2. Sorry, but the rumors aren’t true…At least not YET. We are waiting to hear about BP before we make any plans. I am not going to have a baby and take care of my toddler while my husband is gone…I’m not THAT crazy…

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