Foiling Dad

Ok…so here’s what happened with Mr. B getting all muddy and wet…
Since we live so close to my parents (10 minutes) we are able to see a lot of them and they are able to be a big part of our son’s life. I invited them to dinner last week and while I was cooking, (and my mom was chatting with me), the men (and Mr. B) all went outside in the little yard. My dad and husband eventually gravitated off in the direction of the shop, which of course contains various power tools. 10 minutes later, dinner is done and I’m callin them in to wash up. “Where is our son?” I ask “Um, he’s somewhere here in the little yard.” (when my husband says “UM” when answering a question, I know something is up…)
I don’t panic – the entire 2 acres is fenced w/field fencing and he’s in the little yard inside that big yard, but still…I hear him laughing in the front yard and realize he’s up to no good – I know that laugh! Sure enough, when we round the corner, we encounter a sopping wet little boy, drinking out of the hose on a warm summer evening. How can I be mad? I rush inside to grab the camera so I can capture this moment – that of a fun loving little boy, enjoying life in the country…getting dirty, getting wet, being a child. I love the look on his sweet little face…see the smile below…


4 thoughts on “Foiling Dad

  1. That boy looks just like his Momma and his Paw, too! I seen a feller at WalMart drinkin’ from the waterin’ hose the other day, too! Mebbe Noah could git himself a JOB!

  2. Oh boy has he grown alot sence the last time i saw him.And i know it has been awhile sence we have seen each other so when i got the web link i was extreamly happy. Because now I can see part of my family. Noah is so cute and funny little boy.Lots of love Sarah and all,

  3. I wouldn’t mind that kid gettin’ a JOB and pay off some of his food bill. This boy eats. A LOT. But he doesn’t ever stop moving either…maybe if I got my tush in gear and moved that much I could eat all I wanted…Thanks for visitin’ ya’ll!!!

  4. Oh My…..that is THE sweetest little boy in the entire whole world isn’t he….Why, just look at that smile…..and smart?? Oh I bet he is the smartest little boy in the whole entire world……(okay okay, so I am his Nana……what else do you expect from me???)


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