My Little Book Worm…

Oh, my little bookworm…
Every kid has their favorite story. Mine was Green Eggs & Ham, my husbands was James & The Giant Peach, my best friends was Where The Wild Things Are.

My son loves books. He has since he was a baby. See, I took this Children’s Literature class when I was pregnant with him, and this class showed me where to look and what to look for in a good book. I learned about the different types of genres, the different themes, lessons, rules, and just…stuff…about so many different books. Did you know that there is a different sort of Cinderella story in EVERY culture? If you don’t know who Jim Trelesse is (I don’t know if the spelling is right on that), then you should look him up and know that he has really turned the world around when it comes to reading to children. It used to be nice for parents and teachers to read to kids. Now it’s REQUIRED!!!

Needless to say, I learned how important it is to read to a child. That class and the fact that when I was 13 we moved into a house that had been built and previously owned by Amish people. That meant there was no TV or cable hookup. N.O.N.E. So we had a TV and a VCR. That’s it. So, we read. A LOT.

Then…I took this highly infuencial class while pregnant with my first child. When he was 5 days old (and finally started to nurse), I started reading to him. First, it was the instructions to my new breast pump (sorry guys). Then I read all the pamplets about bringing home a new wonderful baby to him, hoping he would catch on…he did, of course. Then came the Parenting magazine articles, the Babywise book (that saved my life), and bits and pieces out of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Then I started reading baby books to him. One of his favorites was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? In fact, that was his very favorite. Until now. Now he runs around humming the tune “The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round“, but he only hums the “Round and Round” part. It would be pretty cute if he wasn’t so facinated with that book and that song. When he hears someone honk their horn, he hums the “Round and Round” part. Same goes for when he hears a baby cry, or sees a wheel…ANY wheel. He goes to bed with a book and seems to wake up with a different one every morning, but I am so glad he loves books and not video games. I think they would be much harder to sleep with!


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