My Glass

Here is a picture of Mr. B with all his grandparents. I have one of these of me when I was his age, and I love it.

“I don’t care if my glass is half-full or half-empty. I’m just happy to have a glass”

I don’t know who wrote that but I think it’s awesome. That’s how I’m feeling right now – so darn lucky to have what I have and be who I am (though sometimes I am a little to kooky even by my standards, and that’s A LOT). I HATE (not a word I use lightly) my hair and my new haircut, but at least I have hair. My head aches from watching other people’s children all day, but I was able to spend this whole day with my son. I have heartburn from eating a boatload (really, like, a smallish cruise ship) of spaghetti for dinner, but at least I had dinner and got full from it. I just had to put more gas in my vehicle so I can drive tomorrow, but I have a REALLY nice vehicle and I am thankful that it’s so dependable (AND I had the money for the gas, double points!). My house is a disaster right now! There are toys in every corner of the living room, wet footprints and towels in the foyer from our water fight this afternoon, crumbs on the counter from lunch, crayons and paper on the table, and I am just to tired to pick it all up. But I can look at that stuff and think about what I was doing with those kids today, and I immediatly smile.

I am one darn lucky woman. I am happy to have a glass.


3 thoughts on “My Glass

  1. ….but, what he meant to say was…..”Who be all them Kids, sittin’ around Noah? His Grandparents? What? Them Kids? Wow! Lucky Kid!”

    Some say the glass is half empty and some, that it be half full, true!

    I always felt that the glass was too durned big!

    Blessed are us who have even the wherewithal to play with this computer stuff, huh?

  2. Aaaaw! So cute. I can’t believe I have never met my adorable little nephew, “Mr. B”! What’s up with that?! When are all y’all gonna make the trek to DC? Hmmm? It’s the cool thing to do, you know. EVERYBODY’S doing it…

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