Here He Is!!!

Wow! Just when I was about to go searching for some other place to host our little family blog site, blogger gets back on track and everything seems right in the world again. We also recently returned from driving around and visiting family for a week, so I was able to calm down a little about this silly situation.

So, here he is. Mr. Bentley with his cute little coke bottle, ahem, I mean glasses, on. I will be updating more soon, but here’s a quick shot of him eating dinner (which is now a MUCH less of a messy affair than it had been before.

Two days after he got them, he scratched them and we only get one new pair a year (for a two year old!!! give me a break!), so he is just dealing with it for now. Then, while riding his little trike around in the kitchen, yes – it’s that big, and he took the glasses off and promtly ran them over. I panicked! After all, these are corrective, they have to stay on so the next pair won’t be as strong. Oh, and did I mention that this happened on the Thursday before we were suppossed to leave on our trip to see the family? Yep…I called the eye doc and the girl says, “Oh, come in right now. We don’t have any appointments. Tomorrow we are completely booked all day and we aren’t open on Saturday”. I roll my eyes and tell her that if I leave right now, I still won’t be there for another hour and a half. But we are leaving on Sunday and we can’t just let him not wear his glasses for 9 days. Sheesh, the things ya do for your kids. So we all hop in the car and leave for SV immediately to get the things bent back into shape. He still has to get new frames.

It’s really hard to get him to wear them after about 4 in the afternoon. He is so polite when I say, “Hey, sweetie! Come put your glasses back on please!”. He relpies with, “No, thank you, Momma”. And this is only the first few weeks….This one is going to be a loooooooooooong row to hoe…..


2 thoughts on “Here He Is!!!

  1. Yo! Sarah Ann! Noah in specs! Cool! If ye think losing ’em is tough, wait ’til the “lost ’em” phase!And, it will be real, no con games involved! I started on them thangs when I was 6, older than Noah!…..butt! In retrospect, being able to see Before was in School (First Grade) might have en a huge advantage!

    This is a critical time in the life of a youth! Please avoid jokes referring to “four-eyes”…..seriously! The best policy, generally, is the same approach taken when teching a kid to wear shoes…..NEVER make jokes about it but ALWAYS insist on it! There will be little Fools, Bullies, etc., but sice shooting ’em is illegal, it’s best to larn to ignore ’em!

  2. Dang! Never hear from you no mo’!
    How’s Noah’s glasses working out?
    Is he near-sighted? Are there options available?
    Unsolicited advice which may work better at such an tender young age: Look into them elastic straps what keep the glasses from falling too durned far!

    Sorry for the spelling but, if I had had glasses at Noah’s age, instead of waiting until I was 6, I might have done gooder in school, especially “spellin'” and, maybe, “typin'”……….!

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