Dressing Up My Two-Year-Old (Watch out people…this thing is about a lame subject and has dorky random comments galore)

Well, I’m trying to get back in the swing of the bloggin’ scene. I have been out of the building for awhile, and nobody has noticed, so now I feel confident that I can write whatever I want about anybody I want. Nice…..

This is probably an one of the most boring blogs I have ever written and I don’t know why I suddenly decided to type it out….Ooooohhhhh, I know! It’s because it’s been rollin’ around in my noggin for a coupla days and I’m ready to throw it all out on the table and wash my hands of it. I will now stop obsessing about a completely ridiculous topic and get on with something really important….um….I’ll think of something important later.

I came accross an interesting question the other day during a yahoo answers session. “Do you dress up your kid and how and why”? Why did I find it interesting? It wasn’t the question so much as the aswers provided by weenie-whiners and non-parents. This is a pic of Noah when he was about 14 months old…and this was all I could find for him to wear to church. He looks fine, has the nice khaki color going on, but how many people even get their kid this dressed up for any occation?

Argument #1: “Oh, my kid will get dirty and RUIN these clothes!”

Answer: Um, HELLLLOOOO?!?!?!?!? Have we not put a man on the moon? Has one single woman not given birth to 8 live babies? Can we not converse with another complete and total stranger on the other side of the world already?!? Um, it’s not rocket science, it’s called “Spray ‘N Wash”. Buy it. Spray it. Wash clothes. Dry clothes. Clean clothes. The End…Next Excuse Please.

Argument #2: “I don’t want to make my children wear clothes like that. I want them to feel free to express themselves by choosing what they want to wear and how they wear it. My child doesn’t have to fit in the same box as your (in a condesending tone) child.”

Answer: Oh.My.Holy.Tar. Then put your kid in a DIFFERENT colored tie with a DIFFERENT colored shirt. I’m not sayin’ that all children should look like little missionaries in white shirts and blue ties with dark blue slacks and black shoes! You buy it and let them choose from what they have in their closet. And that whole “let them express themselves with their clothes” statement is gonna get you in trouble…I envision bright pink hair with a clashing puce see through itty-bitty tank-top (w/no bra) topping a pair of very low-riding daisy dukes with yellow socks and polka-dotted tennis. Or can I just use one word…can we say “Goth”? Good luck with that.

Argument #3: The only time we get dressed up is for the holidays. It’s all I can afford and what other day is as important?

Answer: Well, if you are shopping at Dillards or Ambercrombie, I can totally understand the whole price issue. But buy clothes when they’re cheap and on clearance and don’t worry about buying a size too big – because one thing that has been proven to happen to every child – they GROW. Weird, huh?

And so ends another happy, peppy, post from yours truly. Um, I think that’s me. I am finally back in the swing of things and have figured out how to get blogging again….I wait for my Gila-Monster to fall asleep!!!


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