On Having Kids…..

I read a quote today that said, “The sweetest time I think of you is at the end, when the day is through” – Emily Dickenson. Now, from what I’ve read, Ms. Dickenson never had any children. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that she MUST have had some neices or nephews or some annoying neighbor kids running around the place messin’ with her poems, shufflin’ papers, and just giving her a hard time. Because how could someone without kids think up something that explains EXACTLY what us parents are sometimes thinkin’ at the end of the day?

*Sigh*As you can see, I’ve had a rough day. When we went to town last Thursday, both of the boys came home with runny noses. So today (Monday – which is always the worstest day of the week anyways), I had to deal with two little boys who had low-grade fevers, mild coughs, and NASTY ever running noses. I probably washed my hands 600 times today. Fun, huh?

So tonight when I checked on my son (who had a super long bath and lots of decongestant) and saw that he was sleeping soundly and peacefully, I thought to myself, “Awwwwww, isn’t he just sweet?”. And all the junk from the day slipped from my mind and I remember wicked cute way he said “I love you more” to my “I love you” (thanks, Candace). I think of the way he repeated me when I said “Michael Ryan, eat your cereal” and he just said it in the same tone of voice and everything. It was cute. I also loved how he shared his little piece of homemade jerky with me and said, “Here Momma, this for you. Chew up pease! Mouf tlosed pease!”. Oh, it makes my heart melt that I have this little guy in my life. He makes it all complete. I guess that good ‘ol Emily Dickenson did know what she was talking about after all.


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