Cool Things About December In Arizona…

Well, howdy ya’ll!!! I know it seemed as though I’d never get back on here and let ‘cha know that I was still kickin’ out here in Southern AZ, but here I am, bein’ sassy and tryin’ to keep the household runnin’ as a Single Mom. Let me tell ya…it ain’t no fun. I think if every room had heat, I would be to deal with all that goes on with running a household, but as it is, I have heat in 2 rooms, so it’s hard to function in those other 6 rooms. Yes, it’s cold here. How cold, you ask? Well, it freezes here at night, and the highs are somewhere in the 60’s. Sure, you’re thinking that it’s much colder than that wherever you are, but do you have 12 inch thick adobe walls? The kind of walls that the cold penetrates and you have to fight to keep the cold out once it permeates those walls? Ha! I didn’t think so. But really, this isn’t a super whining fest for me. Although it’s fun ‘cuz I can whine and I don’t see your reaction and you can’t give me any smart-alecky retorts.

Soooo, being a Single Momma isn’t fun. I always had respect for single Moms, (or I would shake my head sadly at them when they told me of their single parenting woes but secretely said, “HA! Shoulda tried a little harder to prevent this situation”, which is narrow minded and cruel now that I look back on it), but now I think they are amazing. Most of them have to work, I don’t. And I still have a hard time keeping the dishes washed.

While you may think that this is pointless and going nowhere (and you’re probably right) I do have a point. And it is: As a new Single Mom (SM – like Super Mom), I have found myself asking for help when I never thought I would. And asking for help much sooner than I thought. Like this weekend. And Hele’s only been gone 2 weeks. Sheesh, I miss that guy. He called and said “Do you miss me?”, “Of course!” I replied. “I have to take out the trash! It stinks!”. Ha, ha. I was just being funny.

So my parents decided to take Mr. B shopping with them this weekend. I thought that was a really neat idea and decided to go shopping as well. I observed many interesting things while visiting the big city. I felt like the country mouse visiting the hugest city in the world, it was amazing.

First Observation: No matter who you are, how much you weigh, or what the weather is outside, you can wear whatever you want inside the mall. There was this really skinny guy wearing the most skin tight jeans and henley I’ve ever seen. He looked like a very tall, white walking stick.
Then (of course) there was a very, VERY large hispanic woman wearing a black skirt that came halfway up her thighs – when she was standing up. And she only stood up once the whole time she was in the food court, and that was to order her food.

Second Observation: You can sell anything in the mall this time of year. That is, you can sell anything in the mall in ARIZONA this time of year. Like the booth that sold Snow Makers. Yep. No, really!! They had the small one that would make enough snow for 2 snowballs for $19.95 on up to the big one that could make enough snow to make a snowman for $59.99. And they were giving demos, and they had a bigger line than Santa Claus. It was hilarious.

Third Observation: Well, um…this kind of falls into the second observation, but I like this store so it earned it’s owned observation. I went into a flip flop store that was called “The Flip Flop Store”!!! It was sooo cool! They had every kind of brand of flip flop! I must have spent 45 minutes in there looking at the beautiful array of my ultimate favorite foot covering. The manager finally came over and gave me a 20% off coupon to get me to make up my mind. The lady behind me in line said, “Only in AZ will you find a store completely devoted to selling flip-flops”. I replied, “What’s really funny is that it’s open on December 9th and business is booming!!”.

That was part of my trip to the big city on Saturday. It was fun to shop without my son and escape for awhile, but it was nice to wake up to a little warm body snuggling up to me this morning to tell me that he got to see “Nanta Clausth” in W@lm@rt yesterday. So, I’m back in the action with my blog, and I think I went through “Blogger Withdrawl” because, HOLY HECK! I just can’t stop typing! I promise I will be more diligent in writing so ya’ll can check out what’s going (or not going) on with us out here.


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