It Actually Happened!!

It really, really happened! We are home owners!! I’m not a renter! I can check the “own” box whenever I fill out a questionare…if I ever have the time to do such mundane things ever again. Because I’m a home-owner now and am waaaaay to busy to do petty things such as fill out questionares and silly stuff like that. Oh, why am I soooo excited? Let me illuminate:

Reason #1: It will be a warm house. It will have heat. In every room. All winter long. I will not have to buy propane and switch out bottles when the wind is blowing sleet down my jacket right before I’m suppossed to have dinner on the table but I can’t cook because, the propane tank? It’s empty. Oh, and no more pellets to haul.

Reason #2: I will have a double sink in the kitchen. Something I don’t have now. Just a single, shallow sink.

Reason #3: I think the place might be warm….

Reason #4: I will have a garbage disposal. I will not have to fish out slimy pasta, mushy vegetables, or yucky chunks of meat out of the drain. The sink will eat such nasties.

Reason #5: I will have a dishwasher. One that washes the dishes and sanitizes them and makes them all clean. Even if the dog licks it…it will be clean.

Reason#6: It’s really really cute!!

Reason #7: I will walk to the wall, push the “up” arrow button, and there will be a miraculous phenomenon which will occur somewhere inside the wall (I like to refer to it as “Fairy Land” ) and WARM air will come out of vents placed in various points in the home. Like the bedroom. Even, though hard to believe, in the bathroom *gasp*. It’s true! I’ve seen it happen. I will make it happen. And I will be happy.


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