A Silly Little Thing…

Sometimes the silliest things can just make me giggle. Or outright laugh. Or chuckle a little and then giggle about them every time I think of whatever it is whenever I think of it. So today, I had to make a stop accross the street to talk to our neighbor, Patty. I got Noah out of his seat and as we walked up to the front of her home, Noah said, “Yook, Momma! A wagon!”
“Yep, it sure is.” I replied
“Is it Patty’s wagon?” he asked
“Yes sweetheart.”
Then a thoughtful look on his face and
“It a Patty-Wagon?”
Ha, ha!! I started laughing so hard that I had to stop walking and say to myself, “A wagon. Patty’s wagon. A patty-wagon. Oh, this kid is witty, and he’s only 2!!!!”
Hee, hee. Yep, I’m still giggling. I told Patty and she laughed. I’m sure she’ll giggle next time she thinks about it too. A patty-wagon. Sheesh, that’s funny! C’mon! Laugh! You know you want too…


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