Oh!! Here I Am!! Look At Me!!

Hello! I am totally still alive and breathing and don’t have any broken limbs or fingers or anything! I have been one of the sadest, pathetic creatures without my link to the outside world through my computer. So I think to myself, “Hey Self!! Just get your boooooo-tay down to the local library and check your mail there and maybe (just maybe) you can give a little update to all the peeps who have stayed true and loyal *sniff*.  Yo! Love you guys!!
Anyway, I get down there all excited to check out the world outside of Border Town and I get to sign in and give my DL and blah blah blah. But when I click on the internet part, it takes like 20 seconds to connect. What? You don’t think that’s very long, huh? Try it. Ya! Try it right now. Count all the way to twenty – with the one-thousands in between people – and tell me that sitting in front of a computer screen and waiting for a yahoo home page to appear picture by picture isn’t a little aggrivating.
OH yes. Our library has dial up. DIAL UP!!! What the freak? Who is running this show? I mean really…c’mon…DIAL UP? I look around for the little camera because, hello? Dial up? For reals?
It took me 15 minutes to check my one message and write back. I couldn’t surf and check out the happenin’s and cruise to my blog and let ya’ll know that I’m just jottin’ down all the AWESOME things that are happening that would make the cutest blog entries but will be totally meaningless in 4 months when we get connected to the world again. Oh well, I’m here now and will write a nice, long, informative letter about the happenings in Southern AZ and Helaman in the Company while I am visiting with the folks. Thanks for checking to see if we’re still here!! You make me feel soooooo special!

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