Out Of The Stone Age..

And into the light!!! Wow, it seems very silly to be this excited about having internet, but sheesh….I really missed it. Since I haven’t posted since June, I thought I’d just let anyone (if there is anyone left out there who still checks this page), ask what they want about what we are up to and I’ll just write a little blog and tell ya!

Sooo….We live outside of Nogales, Az in a little place called Rio Rico and we are doing very well. Busy, but doing well. Helaman passed his last test in August, which was a HUGE relief and helped alieviate some of the pressure he was feeling about losing his job. He’ll be on probation for another year, but as long as he doesn’t do anything EXTREMELY dumb, we’ll be set for the next 15 years or so. He is working the night shift, so he gets to go to work at 12 am and get home at 10 am. We don’t mind it so much because he gets to spend some time with us all morning, have a big lunch with us, then he hits the hay till 10 pm. It seems to work well.

Noah is doing well also, and he will be turning 3 on October 25. He is very excited about it and has been telling everyone about it for about 3 months (since my birthday). He can count to 20 (though he always seems to miss 14 and 18) and is very proud that he can write his name now ( I know it’s short and easy, but he’s pretty proud of it nevertheless). We are having a few issues with him “pushing buttons”, especially when Daddy gets home, but he’s just acting like a normal almost 3 year old, so we just have to deal with this stage of toddler-hood.

I, Sarah in the flesh (Well, I guess not really in the flesh, but you get what I mean), am doing ok as well. Hoping that things will just go well during the course of every day. We have the Sister Missionaries staying with us for what looks like a couple more weeks, and they are the greatest company ever!! They make me laugh and one of them is a music junkie so she has shared a couple of awesome singers/bands with me. She’s also a showtunes guru (she played the Narrator in Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat and loves all musicals), which is just AWESOME as well.

So, as this day fades off of the clock and the next day technically begins, I must bid ya’ll farewell until the next time that everyone is asleep and I can sit and type in peace. Thanks so much fer yer visits, I’m much abliged.


2 thoughts on “Out Of The Stone Age..

  1. I, for one, check your blog at least twice a week and was excited to see some new posts! Here’s what I’d like a blog about: How you got your cute boy, only 3 days older than mine, to be so articulate! Maybe those 3 days make a big difference.

    Glad to hear you are all doing well!

  2. Hello Gerb!!!!! So glad to hear from ya! I have to say that I think that it was your little one who was crawling all over the place at the Lambson/Black reunion while my little chunky monkey was just sitting and watchin’ the world go by!! Hope you are all doing well,

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