Love, True Love

Well, I had the mavelous opportunity to go to Tucson all day Monday to visit various doctors and run a few errands while my Aunt Dee Dee watched Noah (I think she is still recovering from that day). You know when you have new doctors and you have to fill out all the new paperwork and they have to ask you all the new questions about you and your life and your parents’ lives and why you have a brown dog instead of a white one.

Well, as the doctor is asking about my family’s health history, she askes, “Where does your mother live?”
“Well, it’s a town out by Willcox.” I replied.
“And your father? Where does he live.”
“Um, in the same town as my mother.” I say, perplexed.
“Oh,” she says, suprised. “They live in the same town?”
“Well,” I explain, “They kind of live in the same HOUSE.”
“What? Wait…your parents are still married?” seemingly shocked.
“Are they both your parents? No step or half parent?”
“Uh…yep..Uh…nope” (I’m quite articulate, I know)
“How long have they been married?” She askes, incredulous
“Well, I thing it’s been about 31 or 32 years. Their anniversary was in June”
“Did they have more kids? (yep, 2 younger boys). Are they stll at home? (nope, all moved out). And they are STILL married? (yep)”
“Huh.” She replied, very officially-doctorly-like.
“Is that weird?” I ask.
“Oh, no. Not weird, just…unusual”

That afternoon, I was going through the same questions with the second doctor who asked:
“And your parents, what was their marriage like?” (notice the past tense)
“Um, good I guess.”
“And where do they live now?”
“In a town by Willcox in the same house.” I say
“So…..they’re still married? (yep) And they are both your biological parents? (yep) And do they seem to like being married to each other? (well sure! I don’t suppose they’d hang around each other if they weren’t!)

Another modern-day medical personnel shocked. I’m loving it, and loving the fact that I never had to deal with the split vacations or the split holidays or the “he-said, she-said” (we get enough of that from outside influences!). I know that marriages like this are rare, but I have been soooo blessed to be surrounded by these types of relationships; my mom’s sister and brothers are all still married to the person they had children as are my dad’s two brothers. I guess I just kinda took it for granted, but I have to admit, it’s very, very nice to not be a part of that niche.


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