C’mon! Just One!!

This is what I felt like doing to everyone who said to me, “Well, Dr. Pepper isn’t that good for you anyway. You know, soda is bad for you.”


I just really, really, like Dr. Pepper. It’s my most favoritist soda pop ever! And I know that it’s better if I don’t drink it, but I still like it for cryin’ out loud.

Here’s the thing that is soooo hard for me: Helaman was right. He’s been after me to stop consuming the yummy bubble syrupy manna from Heaven for a few months now. But this is how he looks when he’s right and I’m wrong. A little mis-construed, you say? Ha! I caught it on the camera, so it is totally and completely true!

And my step aerobics class is a whole lot easier if I don’t drink any soda. Speaking of step aerobics, we have this wonderful (horrible) energetic (awful) hispanic step instructor who started playing this dance mix Latino music while we were warming up, and I started shaking my hips and playing around and my friend Karla, who was having a bad day, was just laughing at me dancing and said that she could never do that. So I told her she just had to make a really silly face in the mirror (taht line the ENTIRE wall) and then she nobody would be looking at her body, just her silly face. It took her about 10 minutes, but she did it and the entire class laughed and she laughed and it was great fun.

Er, not that working out was fun. Cuz it wasn’t. Fun, I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate working out, but it WAS entertaining to get out of the house and have someone else watch Noah and to be silly with the other girls and get my heart pumping. But it was not fun. Really…..


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