Oh, To Have More Sweet Potatoes..

Well, the sad thing about Thanksgiving this year was that Helaman didn’t get any time off. NONE. He had the Sunday before Thanksgiving off and then NEXT Wednesday after that off. Since we were suppossed to go to St. John’s this year, it was especially disappointing for him. I was sad also, except I had one little consoling thought: I still get to have SWEET POTATOES!!

Oh, yeah.

That gooey, marshmellowy, (it is too a word!) sticky, cinnaminy, (see afore mentioned claim) goodness. And I got to eat all I wanted because, my friends, I made a BOAT-LOAD of them. Yummy. It was sad that we had to change our plans for the holiday, but who can feel sad around a huge vat of orange-goodness slash manna from Heaven?

I think my parents felt sorry for me when I called and said, “Well, I guess we’ll just go out and buy a ready-made meal, because it stinks that we’ll be alone and Helaman will get off of work, come home, eat, and go to bed. (Inhale, and SIGH).”
I think it was the sigh that broke her down. Or maybe it was my Dad…either way my parents came all the way out here and ate some grub with us, even though my Dad had to work on Fridat and they had to drive out here and back on the same day. Then my younger brother Michael found out we were having a shin-dig out here and I told him he was welcome to come. And he did! I had to go out a buy a 5 pound bag of potatoes when I found out he was coming, but it was soooo worth it! Sheesh, that boy can down some taters! We talked, we laughed, we played the PSP, we talked, we ate, we laughed.

All in all, it was a perfect day. Lots of food (ham AND turkey, by the way), lots of pie, lots of love. And though we are missing the Lambson side of the family, I couldn’t have asked for a better Thanksgiving.


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