Three Year Old Technology

So recently, I’ve been getting up every morning and driving to the fitness center and working out. This means that I have to get Noah up, get him dressed, get him some grub, and get him in the car. On the way, we usually listen to his favorite songs from “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat” from my iPod.

Well, this being the MONDAY after a 4-day weekend of endless stuffing of the face with numerous carcinogenic entrees and me eating every last drop of the sweet potatoes, I was not looking foward to going this morning and was falling behind as we got ready. When we finally got in the car and were on our way, Noah asked for “Go, go, go Joseph” and I told him we had forgotton my iPod. He was bummed, but we had a nice drive anyway.

After working out (and I was REALLLY sorry that I didn’t do anything for 4 days), we got home and Helaman asked Noah about Church the day before.

“We sang, “I Am A Child Of God”, he said.

“That’s a nice song,” Helaman replied, “May I hear it?”

“Nope, sorry Daddy.” said Noah “I don’t have my iPod”.


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