Beware of Questioning The Three-Year-Old…

Once, there was a little boy
Who filled the world with shouts of joy
He would smile, sing, and laugh
Every day, in the bath
Just like an excuberant koi.
I just thought this was a cute picture. We are in Pearce, visiting my parents for a couple of days and Mr. B is just in heaven with Papa and all his tools and Nana with all her birds. My folks are building an aviary for all the birds they have rescued, so naturally, Mr. B is in the middle of everything, trying to help. While him and Gila Man were outside looking at the beginning stages of the aviary, Gila Man asked,
“Mr.B, what kind of tree is this?” (looking at a pine tree)
“I don’t know.” replied Mr B.
“Yes you do!” said Gila Man, “Doesn’t it look like a Christmas tree?”
“No, Daddy” replied our super-smart 3-year-old, “It doesn’t have any lights on it!!”

2 thoughts on “Beware of Questioning The Three-Year-Old…

  1. How funny! I just love the things that our kids say. At times I wish I could go into their minds and see the world as they do. I just love their innocence.

    By the way, your son is adorable! He looks a lot like you. I love his red hair. What a cutie (but I’m sure you already knew that)!

  2. What a cutie!! He is just the cutest little boy I have ever seen, and smart….why….I bet he is the smartest little 3 year old on the planet. Good job Sarah & Hele!!!!

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