A Shave And A Hair Cut…..

Well, I suppose I have learned a lesson here. I was just excited, that’s all. About the rain, and the clouds, and

the cold weather that made it feel like we were in, oh, I don’t

Hmmm…maybe ya’ll don’t quite know what I’m talking about.

We got rain! And wind! And clouds! And the sun didn’t shine for like, THREE whole days!! So rather than continue to water my plants with the hose, I thunk that I should put them out at the edge of the porch so they could be refreshed by the wonderfully cold falling rain water. I assumed they would be fine out there – after all, it’s not like we have cows wandering around our neighborhood or anything. Sheesh. Then we decided to take a little trip out to see my parents for a couple days. We left Sunday afternoon and came back Tuesday afternoon. See the pristine condition of my sweet, green plants up there in the picture?

As I walked up on the porch, I noticed something different about my precious plants, something that caught my attention but also something so subtle that I didn’t react at first. And then it hit me – there wasn’t much left of them!
“Did it freeze while we were gone?” I turned and asked my hubby.
“It might have, but I’ll bet that there is another reason for the dismembered look of your greenery.”
Sure enough, there were the easy-to-read signs that proved that this was no freeze! This was the scene of a crime! The split-hoof indentations in the dust and the HAAA-UUUUUGE pile of crap in the center of our front yard both pointed to the guilty culprit – the cotton-picking COWS!!!!! See what happened to my precious plants? That I’ve raised from tiny, sick babies who were going to be thown into the dumpster and left for dead?!? Oh, those rotton cows who I used to think were cute and think how fun it was to live in an area so rural that the area is still open range and lots of space and plenty of room to roam and run around it.

Oh, boy, next time I see a cow, I’m gonna….well I’ll um…..Well, you can bet your booty that I’ll scare the monster away, that’s what I’ll do. With the horn of my car, or a loud party horn, or….something. Freakin’ fartin’ cows. I agree with Tanner.


3 thoughts on “A Shave And A Hair Cut…..

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your plants!! But I had to laugh with the way you wrote about it. I totally would’ve done what you did and put my plants outside with the weather being like it is.

    But what a bummer those crummy animals had to come and take what it not rightfully theirs! Sheesh!

  2. I tried to warn ya about those killer cows!! NOW…..will you believe me???? Yup, killers…..

  3. Killer cows…give me a break!!! Sheesh, you would think that you had been tramatized while you were out walking near the cows….hee hee heee…..

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