The Last Straw…

Alright, Blogger. That’s it!! This is for sure, finally, and absolutely the LAST STRAW!!! I’ve had problems uploading my pictures, I’ve had my titles AND my posts disappear, and finally, YOU DELETED ALL MY SUPER-COOL WIDGETS!!! All my fav movies, music, blogger friends, youtube videos, EVERYTHING! That’s just not cool.

Maybe if I was the coolest geek ever (if there is such a thing), I would just re-do everything. But I’m not, so I can’t! Or I can, but it will take a long time and what if it happens again?

So, I have to say it Blogger…

It’s over.

I just happen to be a super-fan of this chick, Chassy Cat (that link was deleted also), and she’ll give me the down-low on how to do my OWN show. I just have to come up with a catchy name for our new site….we’re the Lambsons, we are in Southern AZ, and I need something funny and catchy.

Hey, why don’t you all (yep, all three of you) give me a suggestion or two on what to start over with? Pretty Please?!?!??? I could really use the help and I’m just fried right now. Let me know in the comments box, mkay?

One thought on “The Last Straw…

  1. Sarah, you KNOW you can call, and/or chat me up (via IM!) with any questions and I’ll hold your hand and walk you through it! Er, figuratively speaking, o’ course, us being 2500 miles away from each other and all…

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