Still Don’t Have The Hang Of It,

So, have I had a crazy day?
Is Mr. B being a pill because I’m having a crazy day and neglecting to pay attention to him every minute?
Are we going to Mesa tonight and coming back on Monday?
Am I having technical difficulties with this site?
Double Check.

For some reason, when I upload a pic and try to click “send to editor”, it does nothing. Huh? What was that? Oh yeah. It does NOTHING. Riiiiiiight.

I’m reading the forums to see what other people say about this problem, but have yet to find a solution. When I do, you’ll see pics. Until then….um…you can check out the archives. How about that for fun?!?!?


4 thoughts on “Still Don’t Have The Hang Of It,

  1. Completely understand you on the crazy day thing. I had a miserable day yesterday and considered posting my “woes” on my blog but then wondered if it would look like I was an ungrateful, whining parent. And can you believe it all started with a stupid train set? Just because we didn’t have eight double A batteries, the kids (ahem, Courtney) went ballistic. And then the rest of the day got worse from there. And the kids wonder why I won’t get out the damn train set this morning (excuse the language–I seem to use it when I feel passionate about something).

    Sorry about the photos not loading. Hmmm…maybe you should come back to blogspot! Haha. It stinks when you’re new on a website because nothing seems to work right. That’s how I was with blogspot when I first started it. Hopefully everything will get working again.

  2. Oh yeah! I set up a wordpress account to see how I’d like it and I totally got confused with everything. For the moment I’ll keep my blogspot but now I know if I have any problems, or get peeved with blogspot, that I’ll already have an account here to go to. I love the way your blog is laid out. It looks so much more fun then blogspot’s layouts.

  3. Ya know…wordpress is a little more complex, but once you get the hang of it (unlike me with the not-being-able-to-post-a-pic-yet-ness), you’ll love it!

    Oh, and soooo sorry about whining about my day. I had just had it and Helaman wasn’t home and the dog wasn’t around, so who was I supposed to vent to?

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