Tender Questions

Well, we’re back! And here I am trying to get in a quick post before Gila Man gets Mr. B down for bed. After Mr. B is out, it’s, “Are you done in there yet?” or, “Whatcha lookin’ at?” and, “How much longer are you going to work on that?”. So super quick typing and super-slow internet don’t make for a supersarahann. Sheesh…

But we had a fantastic time in Mesa this weekend (Sunday & Monday). It’s so nice to have all the kids play outside on the grass that’s still green ‘cuz it never really freezes ‘cuz after all, it IS Mesa. Now, you can tell that you are visiting Mesa in January because you have to wear long pants, but you can TOTALLY still wear flip flops with those long pants. Ok…the weather was nice, but visiting with the family was definently the highlight.

We stayed at Ammon and Aria’s house (more specifically, in Easton’s room – thanks, buddy!). While there, we got to see them bless baby Wyatt Truman on Sunday. We had to leave afterword because Mr. B got about 2 hours of sleep the night before and DID NOT want to go to Primary. Then we had fantastic burritos, the kids played outside, and we got to play with baby Wyatt and visit as grown ups.

We went to Esther and Marcos’s the next day and let the kids visit and play with the dog (oh yeah, we brought Shatzie with us), cooed over baby Andrew, and then headed out for the 3-hour trip home.

During that trip home, Noah asked me a question that stopped my heart for a moment. One of those moments that I was TOTALLY unprepared for. He asked, ”
Momma, how did that baby Wyatt get in Aunt Aria’s tummy?”
“Um, well…you see..” I stammered.

Gila Man suddenly seemed to be dosing in the seat next to me.
What the freak am I supposed to say to my 3-year-old right now?
“Well, Sweetheart,” I said. “Heavenly Father put him there.”
“Oh” he said.
And started singing Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.

At least I’m off the hook for a year or two…I hope.


6 thoughts on “Tender Questions

  1. Whooaa Boyyy, I’m NOT touching that one!!! (I think you did a good job……for now…….)

    Love, MOM

  2. Huh? Where AM I? Is this yer folks OWN Website? COOL! Does it cost much?

    A little boy once witnessed the birth of his baby brother.
    When the Doctor Spanked the Baby, the Boy commented: “Well Good! He should NOT have crawled in there in the First place, huh Dad?”

  3. I had nothing but trouble with Blogger after a sweet honeymoon and left the better’n a year ago! And there was NO Tech Support ANYWHERE that I could find!
    My old blog posts are still there and I am slowly getting in there and moving my favorite ones to MySpace, which seems to have everything I need except that the IM is funky . . . . . I really hate IM anyhow, it’s just nice to have “just in case”.

  4. I’m glad to hear you had a fun weekend!

    And I think your response to Noah’s question was a perfect one. Details at that age aren’t all that important on that subject (and slightly frightening I’m sure) and so the basic is just fine. But I would prepare myself for when he’s a little older…you never know when that question may pop up out of nowhere again.

    But what a smart kid to ask such a question. It goes to show that he is a thinker and is curious about lots of things.

  5. That’s hilarious! Michael keeps asking me how our baby is going to get out, and no matter what I say he won’t be distracted from the question. When I say, “the doctor will get him out” he asks “how is he going to get him out?” And on and on and on! These kids are just too smart! 🙂

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