Good News, Good News!! Yipeeee!


See this kid, here? The red-headed one with glasses? Well him and I went into town on Tuesday to have his eyes checked by one of the very few pediatric optamologists in the state of Arizona. This is one of those doctors who is so busy and so popular that his nurses do EVERYTHING, and then he waltzes in in all his glory, looks at Noah’s now dialated eyes, spits out some numbers to the nurse, says he needs new glasses, and starts to walk out the door to see the next patient.

If you think I may be slimming this encounter down because I am typing, I’m not – it really was that quick!

“Um, wait…er…just a second!” I stammer as he walks toward the door.

“What is it exactly that he has? I mean, what kind of condition does my son have that causes his eyes to grow continually worse every time we come? What can I do to prevent this? Why is this happening?” I guess once I had him paused and listening I just couldn’t stop with the questions.

“Oh,” he said, taking a few steps back into the room, “He he hyper-opia and blah blah blah, but actually, his eyes are getting better.”

“What?” I look at him in dis-belief.

“Yeah…um” he pauses, looking down at Noah’s chart, “His astigmatism is going away and he’s not quite as far-sighted as he was last time he came in. We reduced his prescription.”

“Wow.” I reply, “That’s great! Thanks so much for explaining that to me.”

Though Noah had to wear those ridiculous awesome looking glasses for the rest of the day because his eyes had been dialated, and the rest of our day was filled with doctor’s visits, paper work and lots and lots of traffic, every time I looked at him I was reminded of small little miracles that can fit very easily into anyone’s day and remind us that our Heavenly Father knows who we are and answers our prayers.



4 thoughts on “Good News, Good News!! Yipeeee!

  1. How great that his eyes are getting better! It’s always such a worry to not know what’s going on with your children. I’m glad you stopped the doctor when you did to find out what was going on. Sheesh…you’d think the doctor would at least stop and explain to you what’s going on–or be polite and ask you how you were doing?! But I guess they get so busy that they don’t think about it.

    Way to go Noah!

  2. He looks cute in the glasses! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am hoping that my dh will work on my template when he has time, but I am not holding my breath!

  3. You know, I’m thinking I might get some glasses just like Noah’s whether I need them or not.

    Glad to hear his eyeballs are on the upswing, that Hele has a bearable schedule! Enjoy your nappies today!


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