My Little Picasso

Look At My Masterpiece!

So now that we can’t go outside and jump on the trampoline in our short-sleeved shirts and shorts, we have had to come up with some fun, creative activities to do inside. Who would have ever thought that we would have to stay inside because of the snow? You know, this IS Southern Arizona, and snow just isn’t our thing.

Hmmm. It looks cool, I wonder how it tastes?

I thought I’d bust out with some of the paint I got during the “Back To School Days” at Target. This set was 4 primary colors that were huge enough so my 3-year-old didn’t have to squint to pick a color. First, I covered the whole dining room table with newspaper to absorb any spills or stray paint, then I found some little disposable dixie cups for rinsing off the brush. I would definently recommend removing the newspaper from the table as soon as you are done painting, ‘cuz otherwise it sticks to the table like papermache. Tried and true right here in our little home. But we had so much fun!! We painted forests, cows, dogs, cats and sheep, and then we painted ourselves. Really. We had a blast mixing colors and making messes. Here’s Noah seeing if the colors taste as good as they look. I’m pretty thankful for this Snow Day, I can imagine that a week or two of them would get old, but here in AZ, we don’t really have to worry about that!

Aha! I have completed my life’s work!

2 thoughts on “My Little Picasso

  1. Oh boy, I see another “Lambson” artist on the rise. Yes, I can see it in his face, that need to be creative…..wonderful for you to give him that opportunity. Your a great mom!!

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