For The Virginia Kiddos…

Sarah And The Horse Again

Here’s a couple of pictures of the new “horse” we got a few weeks ago from Hereford. Her name is Bella and she is the sweetest dog we’ve ever owned! Gila Man can’t stop bragging about our new Great Dane. You would think we had another kid or something! She just turned 7 months old on Feb. 9th, and look how big she is! The only thing she knows how to do right now is “sit” and “off”, but she will learn more the longer she is with us. I also tried to get a picture of those pesky parakeets up for ya, but that darn “send to editor” button is giving me trouble again. Sheesh. My life is so rough! Hope you enjoy these pics and I’ll post more for you soon!!

Sarah And Horse

One thought on “For The Virginia Kiddos…

  1. Oh, Man! Everybody has News! Big News, too! You are Moving! My Little Sis is Moving (Virginia to San Diego)! You have a NEW Blog Site that Looks Great, by the Way!

    Well, Durn It! Guess What? I got some News, too! So There!

    I saw a Fly yesterday! Really! It weren’t just yer common Garden-Variety Fly Neither, By Cracky! It had ORANGE Eyes!
    Now THAT’S a Sign of Something . . . I don’t know What but it must be Something!

    Love yer ‘Spell Checker”, tellin’ me I spelled “Cracky” Wrong!

    Well, I gotta go fry up a rattler what I caught in my bedroom this afternoon so I will leave you to your packing! :-p

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