Men vs. Women, Part 2

Alright, you remember the first one of these “rantings” from me…the one about what happens before men go to bed and what happens before women go to bed. Didn’t read it? Find it here. Well, I got in a little trouble about that blog because my husband really does help out around here, I was just a little “perturbed” that he gave me a hard time when I finally got to go to bed.

Ahem…so this post is going to be a little bit more about the simple differences between men and women WHEN PACKING FOR A TRIP.

Sooooo, Helaman leaves for Brazil on Wednesday. This Wednesday, REALLY! And he is totally, completely excited about it. I mean, if I have to hear the words, “When I go to Brazil, I’m gonna (fill in the blank).”, I’m gonna rip his lips off!! Ok, maybe not. I’m just a little jealous that he gets to go on a tropical vacation without me. Which is fine because as hard as Helaman works at work and around here in our new home, he MORE than deserves a break. He has needed a break for about 2 years now, and it’s finally coming to him, YEAH! So, I was talking about…Oh ya, the packing part.

As Helaman is preparing for his trip (where is he going, oh yeah, BRAZIL), today he said, “I guess I’ll have to go after work tomorrow and pick up a few things for my trip.” Tomorrow is MONDAY, and he is leaving WEDNESDAY! Now, I know he’s a guy and everything, so there isn’t much to pack. It’s just himself – no wife or kid to pack for – but let me tell you about what I’ve been doing this evening (besides recovering from a major migrane).

We borrowed a trailer from my parents to go and pick up our new swingset for Noah (pics to follow), and I have to return it tomorrow. I am going to go out and pick up a few things from the Old Place, and then spend the night with my folks. So this evening I have been making a list of things I need to bring, putting piles of stuff together, and making sure that I will have all I need for my one-night stay with my parents. I know I will use the huge duffel bag with wheels because all of the stuff for Noah or I will not fit in anything smaller. I also have to bring one of our dogs with us (Cherrie), because she is really snappy and I don’t want any family who visits to be traumatized by her moodiness. This adds another element to my trip and one that I have to plan for as well.

So, while Helaman has yet to put aside a toothbrush for his 14 day stay in another country, I have an arsenal waiting by the front door, ready to be trucked back and forth to the vehicle tomorrow morning before visiting my parents. This sure isn’t a bad thing, but it’s just one of those funny differences that I just have to smile and shake my head about at the end of the day. (That, and blog about it a little, hee hee)


4 thoughts on “Men vs. Women, Part 2

  1. Awww, thanks Cat! While I was visiting my folks, I was able to use their super fast like, faster than fast internet and was able to download and upload stuff faster than 10 minutes. I had so much fun!

    Raysha, sheesh! We put up with so much from our husbands! Alright, alright. They might have a few things to say about that…

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