Yo, Yo, HOMIE!!

So while we were in W@lm@rt waiting for the oil to be changed in the truck, we were walking around amid the chaos of the construction that someone decided ‘needed’ to be done the week before spring break. Of all the dumb, dorky notions! Anyways, there we were, walking around, checkin’ stuff out when Mr. B said he wanted to go home. But before I tell this story, I have to give you a little insight into what the boy  is thinking here.

When we were sick in February, Mr.B said, “Momma, I sick.”
“I know, honey.” I said, “Momma is sick too.”
“What do you call someone when day are sick?” he asked.
“You say, ‘They are sick.'”
“What do you all TWO people who are sick?” he asked.
“Um, when two people are sick, you say they are sick.” I replied absentmindedly.
“No, Momma. Two sick people are called SICKIES!!” he explained.

So we were “sickies” for about three weeks. Then came the w@lm@rt run.

“I’m ready to go home. Do you want to go home, Momma?” he asked.
“I sure do, sweetheart. I’m ready to go home.” I replied.
“When I want to go home, I want to go home, so I’m a home. But when I want to go home AND you want to go home, we are HOMIES!” he informed me.

Giggling, but not outright laughing, we made it back to the car center and went up to the counter to pick up our keys.

“Hi!” Mr. B said to the man behind the counter, “I’m a homie! Are you a homie?” he asked.
Grinning, the guy just said, “No little dude, I ain’t no homie.”

After explaining about HOW we came under the term “homies”, the man looked at MR. B and said, “You may be a homie, little man, but I’m a workie!”

Mr. B told me about how much he liked that man the whole way home. Or homie. Whatev.


6 thoughts on “Yo, Yo, HOMIE!!

  1. How cute!! Last week we stayed in Gilbert longer than planned because Derrick’s grandma had a stroke and was in a Phoenix hospital. Scotty and I really wanted to be “homies” then. Then, Scotty and Derrick have been “sickies” since Friday. Yesterday Derrick started feeling better but Scotty is still a “sickie” with a fever and horrid cough. So, unfortunately, we won’t be seeing you at story time tomorrow. What a fun story about Noah. And what IS up with all of the freakin construction at Wal Mart. I can never find what I want. I even dreamed about going there and not being able to find what I wanted. AAAAAaaaarrrrggggghhhh! 🙂

  2. I’ve decided that it’s worth the trip to Green Valley – less crowded, NO construction, and they still have fabric!! Sorry you are sickies, hope you are feeling better soon!

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