The Warm Weather Is Here! (and I have the stripes to prove it)


So I have spent most of the past week organizing our outdoor shed and our garage. My washer and dryer are in the garage, so it’s like an extension of my house and I like to keep it as clean as possible. Every two weeks or so, the garage starts to get dusty, cluttered and the laundry starts to pile up. That’s when I take a day and tackle the mess and manage to get it clean enough to use as a dining room. Today was one of those days and let me tell ya, I TACKLED it.

Since the weather was so warm and nice and there was a soft breeze blowing, I thought I’d dive under the bed and bring out the “summer clothes” bag and see what would be appropriate to wear on this lovely spring day. I found a cute pair of bermuda shorts and my favorite white flip-flops, got dressed, and headed out the door.

Nine hours later, I am standing in the bathroom, gingerly taking the bobby-pins off of my sunburned scalp (I had rolled my hair back in those cute little corn-row things and every inch of scalp that showed is red). I look down at my once white legs and this is what I see: an inch above the knee, red. An inch below the knee, white. The outsides of my calves, red. The inside of my calves, white. The tops of my feet, RED. The strip where my flip-flops fit, WHITE. Yikes! Welcome to summer white girl.


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