Parenting On The Same Page – I Would Highly Recommend It…

Well, I’m FINALLY back from doing all that it is that I do around here. I, uh, can’t go into detail or anything, because I haven’t got the time. Because I’m so busy doing what I’m, ya know, doing. Ahem…anyway, I’m back and I know that all my adoring fans have missed our friendly little visits. :0)

Our little family has been crazy busy with weddings, family, and doctor’s appointments lately, so I’m sorry about the delay. Gila Man is finally home, though, and it’s nice to have him around to help with all the things that I really don’t want to do – like take out the trash and pick up dog poop. But it’s also nice to sleep next to him again and talk to him again, and laugh with him again, and argue with him again, and eat with him again. All those important things. Speaking of talking with each other, we DID have to have a little talk about something quite serious….

Fluff (the blue parakeet) is gone. I know, I know. It’s hard to believe that the mangy sweet little cotton-pickin-biting-bird dear is gone. Squeak (the green parakeet) was the first to go – he thought he was all smart and could get out of his cage whenever he wanted, whether the cats were around or not. And I guess they were around last week.

Then we went outside yesterday and found that the lid of Fluff’s cage had been taken off and that he was gone. The tell-tale blue feathers in the front yard were the only explanation we needed to understand that Fluff was no longer a part of this world. Now were are parakeetless people, pondering the meaning of life (and how we are going to tell Mr. B).

I told Mr. B that Fluff went to go see Squeak up in Heaven and live with Heavenly Father from now on. Mr. B said that he would miss Fluff and that he was sad that Fluff wasn’t around anymore, but he also knew Heavenly Father would take good care of his birdies. It was sweet!

The next day, unknown to me, Daddy told him what REALLY happened to little Fluff. When I went outside that morning, there were Mr.B, Daddy, and Bobby (the cat) sitting on the front porch, playing with some tools.
“Momma,” Mr. B asked, “isth Heaven in Bobby’sth tummy?”
“No, sweetheart! That’s silly! Why would Heaven be in Bobby’s tummy?” I replied.
“Cuz you said Fluff went to Heaven, and Daddy thsaid that Fluff is in Bobby’sth tummy. I didn’t know that Bobby could get WAAAY up to Heaven!”

Good grief! We’ve got to get our defenses together – against our 3-year-old!


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