Good Night Song…

During the day, while I am cleaning up the kitchen or doing laundry, I crank up my iHome and boogie to the music, cuz, let’s face it – chores are a lot easier to do when you “whistle while you work” so to say. But when the evenings roll around and Gila Man is home on Monday nights, he does the job that I usually do; the get-Mr.-B-ready-for-bed job.

After Mr. B’s bath, teeth, jammies, story, prayers, and being “tucked in like a burrito”, Gila Man finally said goodnight and started walking out the door.

“But Daddy,” Mr. B cried, “What about my song?”
“What song?” he replied.
“Momma always sings me a song before I go to sleep.”
“Ok, I’ll sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?”
“No thank you, Daddy. I want the song You Want A Piece Of Me. Do you know dat one?”

A moment of silence, and then,

“Hey, SARAH?!?” Gila Man yelled, “I think it’s time for YOU to take over…”

Darn…I’m gonna have to start censoring my music. I thought I had another year at least!!


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