More Thursday Thirteen From The Gym

This being the wind-down of Thursday, I thought I would add to my Thursday Thirteen from a few weeks ago

14. I have discovered that there IS something worse than a girl smelling all perfumy during a hard workout- and it’s NOT B.O., it’s the I-am-going-to-get-up-at-6:45am-to-go-to-step-aerobics-and-get-all-sweaty-but-not-without-having-a-few-cigaretts-first smell! It’s soooo bad to be all set up in a line during step aerobics and be next to someone who had to light up RIGHT BEFORE they came into work out so they totally REEK and you have to walk into a wall of reeky stink every time you switch steps. Yep, worse than perfume.

15. When your instructor says, “One more set!” or “One more time!”, she is full of CRAP!! One more set means that you have one more set to go before she comes over and watches you do the LAST set before going onto the next excercise. Really. Like last Friday, Gabby says, “One more time, all the way through the routine!”. Woo-hoo! One more time and then we get to STRETCH! Yay! As we do the the last step in the routine, she yells,
“Last time, here we go!”.
“I thought you said, “One more time”!” says *The Beast*
“Oh, did I say that?” Replies Gabby, “My mistake! Let’s GO!!!”

16. Pilates is HARD! Looks: easy, Is: hard.

17. Roxy can RUN! I mean, like, Last of Mohicans run. She gets on the treadmill and just runs and runs and runs and doesn’t stop. It’s amazing.

18. Lunges are STILL from the devil. I will say my prayers and be kind to others and give food to hungry bums on cold days so I won’t go to hell and have to do lunges.

19. I think the fact that I have to pay for child care ON TOP of the monthly membership fee is totally BOGUS!

20. Walking on the treadmill is another one of those things that I would like to avoid in Hell.

21. Water is yummy, yo! Especially after Luz’s step aerobics class.

22.. I have 15 more pounds to go before I hit my “ideal” weight – I will post more “tales from the gym” as I go!!!


3 thoughts on “More Thursday Thirteen From The Gym

  1. 15 more lbs! You are so lucky! I have like 40. 😦 I actually thought you you and your perfume story the other day. After I am done with my workout, and it’s time to leave, the only way to get out is to walk between the sweaty treadmill runners and the sweaty bikers, so I hold my breath, and if I need to breathe, I time it so I’m not breathing next to a sweaty stinky person. I hate smelling other people’s odor. Gag.

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