When It’s Summer Time…

“When it’s summer time,
And the weather’s high.
You can stretch right up,
And touch the sky!!”

Well, at 5’4″, I’m not touchin’ much of anything, but it’s really nice to have summer time here! We have to stay indoors throughout most of the afternoon, but in the mornings and evenings we are all over the place!

One of our favorite activities this summer is swim lessons! Mr. B LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them! He grins the entire time he is in the pool and thinks his instructor is the coolest person on earth. Mr. B is the only one (of the students that this guard teaches) who will dunk his whole head under the water. He will do anything the guy asks him to…sheesh. I need a little of his magic. Since he’s only 3 1/2, he has to have private lessons instead of group lessons, but it’s really nice because he gets lots of one-on-one instruction and by the time he’s five, he will be more than ready for the group. I still have to get some picts of him the water, but when I say swim lessons are OUR favorte activities, this is why:

At the end of the day, after Mr. B has had all his fun, Momma gets to have some fun too!!


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