Family Photos!

Check it out! We finally, FINALLY got out family photos taken. The last time we had photos taken was when Mr. B was about 20 months old! Sheesh, are we slackers or what? Our favorite picture is the one up above, the Mr. B sandwich picture. It was really fun to take and turned out great. Anyways, sorry there aren’t any photos of the new toys, I’ve been really sick (yes AGAIN, what’s up with that?) so all I have been able to do lately is lay in bed and read “Eclipse” (grin). There’s nothing worse than being sick without a really good book to read. Luckily, I happen to have bought this book, so I was able to relax and read and try to get better quickly. I hate being sick!! There will be more photos of the new toys soon, I promise Aaron!


4 thoughts on “Family Photos!

  1. I just have to tell you what GREAT pix those are…you guys are all just beautifully photogenic…or maybe you’re just beautiful!

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