And So It Ends…Until August 2nd That Is…


*Heaving a HUGE sigh*

And so it ends…I have to get back into my world again. I feel like I’ve been sitting in a gi-normous iMax movie theater, snuggled all comfy in my soft chair with big armrests, feet up on the bar in front of me, staring unwaveringly at the expansive wrap-around screen, watching a film that has been written for my own personal entertainment.

And I feel like someone just hit pause and said, “Wait a sec…I gotta go to the bathroom.”.

I finished “Eclipse“, the third book in the “Twilight” saga, and I still can’t get my mind back to what I should be doing around here. Granted, I’ve been sick in bed with a cold, so there’s lots of mind-numbing work to do around here, but I still can’t get my mind offa this series. It seems so silly, but I felt this same way when I started reading Anne of Green Gables, The Cronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and (of course) Pride and Prejudice. I’m TOTALLY hooked on this incredible love story action suspence novel and where it’s been and where it’s gonna lead, I can hardly stand it! The fourth book comes out on August 2nd – I’ve already pre-oredered it from

Ok, ok. I’m a nerd. At least I know I’m a nerd. I’m not in nerd denial or anything. I’ve always loved to read – I remember in high school (ahem…during a certain period of time when we had NO cable hookup because our home was built by Menonites) – I started reading “Lonesome Dove”. Now I wasn’t really into westerns, but

when you’ve got nothing to entertain you but some old “Arizona Highways” magazines and 5 movies you’ve seen a gazillion times before, I swear, you’ll grab at anything

to keep your younger brothers from driving you crazy! But something about this book and all the characters in it moved me. I mean I was SCARED when the snakes came outa nowhere in that river and bit that guy to bits and I could hardly sleep after that Indian came outa nowhere and took Laurie away in the night. I flinched when Gus was shot with an arrow, and I CRIED when that old cowpoke died. And as I feverishly turned page after page with no regard to homework, or sleep, or boyfriends, I also secretly LOATHED creeping that much closer to the end of the incredible saga that leapt across the pages and played inside my head as I read.

And after I had read the last page (two or three times) and shut the back cover on that book, the story still played in my mind. For days or even weeks I would re-visit the people and places that I had seen while engrossed in their world. I would re-play conversations and wonder what might have happened if this word hadn’t been said so crossly, or if that person had just said what was really on their mind. I would dream of how the author had ended the world that I had become a part of and sometimes invent another ending, one that suited ME. Silly, yes. Selfish, yes. But that’s how words can move me sometimes. In books and in song…especially in song. I am just amazed that some people can put into words what I’m feeling in my soul!

The first book that ever really made me think about something other than myself and what I wanted was the book, “The Ousiders“. I was completely engrossed in it and read it so fast that my teachers (oh, they were real gems, they were) didn’t believe me and gave me the test they had prepared for the class when they had all finished reading the book. I aced the test. They thougt I cheated. I was given 3 full sheets of lined notebook paper with an essay question at the top of each one and didn’t get to go to morning recess. When I hadn’t finished by lunch time, I got to eat my lunch in the double-wide trailer that was our classroom and miss luch recess as well. I finished in time for my last math class to start, but when my teacher saw what I had written, she accused me of “watching the movie” and threw my essay questions in the trash.

“Movie?” I thought, “MOVIE? I didn’t know there was a freakin’ MOVIE! Hey, I wanna get my hands on that and SEE these people I have all mapped out in my head. This is awesome! These characters can come to life?!? I just gotta see that movie!”.

I wasn’t too disappointed in the movie like I have been in others after it. It seems as though who and what I have mapped out in MY head isn’t what others have floatin’ around in theirs (and that’s a very, VERY good thing). Like “The Secret of Nimh”. THAT was one lame-o movie. Great book, silly movie. Funny though, the same thing happened. LOVED the book, rushed to finish it, got accused of “watching the movie” and more of my work was tossed in the trash.

The the teachers, I remember Mrs. Dechant specifically, started giving me random tests, paired up with one other student from classes 5th through 8th. Each of us was given a short story or newspaper ad and we had to read in in a certain time (this also varied, anywhere from one minute to five). I would read it and be done, while my classmate would still be reading and moving their lips with the words. Rather than facing the smug look on my teacher’s face, I would read it again. And sometimes again. When the time was up, we were tested on what we read, our “reading comprehension”. I did better on every test except when I was paired against one 8th grade girl and she scared me. I mean, this girl could hit HARD and she always tripped me on the bus. I didn’t even read the article that time, and that one time was all it took for them to let me know how poorly I was reading and how slowing down would help me see “the real meaning of things”. What things, I dunno. But I was shortly thereafter banned from ever reading aloud during class. One teacher, Mr. Petersen, would go row to row, calling on people in order of their seating arrangements and skip my brown head every time. It stunk ‘cuz everyone else was stinkin’ slow.

So now that you’ve had a little sneak peak into my reading past, you have not inched one step closer to understanding where I’m coming from cuz’ now ya’ll think I’m certifiable (to say the very least). I think I just wanted to convey that this is why we all have our specific talents. Why some can sing, some can draw, some can write, some can compose, some can play, some can dance and why some CANNOT.

We can all learn something from each other, (something postitive or negative), we can all be moved by something someone else has the capacity to create.

I’m glad we are all able to share this talent with others who can see and appreciate it…

Oh, and I am soooo not done on the Stephanie Meyer “Twilight” topic yet, cuz I have a few…um…predictions to throw out there. What? It’s not like I’m the first one wonder what’s coming next or anything!!!


5 thoughts on “And So It Ends…Until August 2nd That Is…

  1. Okay, first, I think I need to reread the Twilight series before Breaking Dawn comes out. Second, can you believe that Barnes and Noble in Tucson is hosting a “Vampire Prom” pre release party for Breaking Dawn on August 1st and I seriously for one minute considered trying to be there???? Third, I LOVED the movie The Outsiders. I have never read the book. But, back in the day, I was soooo crushing on C. Thomas Howell (Ponyboy) and Matt Dillon (can’t remember the name of the character he played) from that movie. Fourth, I have so many books (series) that I think you would enjoy. You’ll have to come to the Raysha Palmer Library some time and check some out!!!!

  2. Raysha, you are just awesome in every way. I would LOVE to go to prom with you!! (hee, hee, hee).

    And isn’t The Outsiders just FULL of eye candy? Guys that became soooo famous and gave us…well, more eye candy!

    Since I AM your VT, I think I’ll HAVE to stop by now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow. Your teachers are total idiots. I can’t believe that they’d treat you like that just because you were ahead in reading. Insane. “The Insiders” was on yesterday, I watched part of it until I fell asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good movie/book.

  4. Well, I just finished the first book, in one day, well, almost one day. I would have if I hadn’t fallen asleep. *WOW* What a book, now, on with the second…….hmmmm….yeah, the laundry, dishes, birds, dogs and husband’s dinner can wait!! Ohhhhhh…..Edward?????


  5. Books-A-Million is hosting THE party of the Summer for all Twilight fans. Celebrate the midnight release of Breaking Dawn with Twilight trivia contests, costume contests, prizes, and much more! Party starts at 10pm on Friday, August 1st. Visit you local Books-A-Million to pre-purchase the book today and be the first in line to get Breaking Dawn at midnight, you wonโ€™t get it anywhere else faster!

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