A Dissapointing Day…

I went to talk to Josh at the fitness center about changing the time of Mr. B’s swim lessons, and noticed that there was NOBODY around or in the pool. I made my way over to the life guard tent and got everything straigtened out and told them I’d be back that afternoon.

“Nope” he said, “Not today.”

“Well, his lesson is at 2:45, right?”

“Normally yes, but, um…the pool has been shut down.”

“What? How is that possible?” I asked.

“When you get a suprise visit from the Health Department and your ph levels in the pool are so low that he kicks everyone out of the pool and closes it until it’s fixed, you kind of have to cancel swim lessons.”

Is that GROSS or what? There are like, 300 or so kids who use that pool EVERY DAY – state law requires that the water be checked every day, our city law states that it has to be checked 3 times a day, and it hadn’t been checked in over a week!!! My kid gets that water in his mouth and so do other kids and they all spit in it and pee in it and EWWWWW!! I’m just dissapointed in the owners.

I mean, it’s not like it’s a piddly public pool that has to rely on funding and $2 admissions or whatever to keep it up, this is a FITNESS CENTER pool. You have to PAY to be member and get in an use the facilities and all that jazz. Nobody is paying less than $34 a month to be a member, plus extra if you want to have a family membership, plus the group swim lessons and private swim lessons and swim team and the guest pass you have to buy to swim and…and…that’s a LOT of money! And you can’t keep the ph levels up? That’s just sad. Sheesh.

Oh, and Rich, you better not comment…that’s all I have to say!!


4 thoughts on “A Dissapointing Day…

  1. That’s nasty. I see them checking my gym’s pool all the time. My membership is $45 + $9 per kid. So that brings me to $63.00 / month. Which brings me to a good guilt trip if I don’t go everyday. That’s $2 a day. A little outrageous to me, but it keeps me sane, and remotely KIND OF skinny. So for $63/month. My pool had BETTER be clean. That’s so gross!

  2. My membership equals a buck a day, so sometimes I can skip it and be all like, “I just won’t buy a soda pop today, and that’ll even things out.”

    My brain is so wacked…I wish I didn’t come up with excuses to not work out!!

    And it would be nice if I could spell, also. I think it’s disappointing…or not.

  3. 300 kids a day in the Summer time? Mighty heavy usage!
    Outdoor Pool? Even worse if so!

    pH levels can Easily be all over the scale under them conditions! Low pH, acidity, can be rough on the eyes, causing them to redden, but, of itself, ain’t some huge national disaster. Other end of the scale, high pH, alkalinity, is basically rough on the pumping equipment.

    The big Health Risk is the disinfectant level, probably chlorine, which can easily drop too low Several times a day! This is where illnesses are borne!

    And a strong chlorine smell is an indicator of Too Little Chlorine, NOT Too Much! The Odor is from chlorine compounds, bound, chemically, with the sweat and urine and other nasty stuff that is always gonna be present.

    Once that odor gits going, it means there isn’t enough “Free Chlorine” in the pool to do it’s job because all of what is in there is already busy! Time fer a Shock Treatment!

    Really sounds to me like the Fitness Club folks need a real intensive course in pool & spa maintenance! Could be that the County Employees do, too! We had a county feller, a few years back, who didn’t know beans from franks about pools but we never found this out until he was replaced by a woman who was Aces on the Subject!

    Don’t believe me? Git yerself to a computer. I once maintained 2 Pools and 3 Spas for a local hotelier. After leaving fer 2 years, I returned. The Daily Records for the equipment hadn’t been up-dated in months! Same ignorant bunch there now, too, except they are adding another hotel, complete with pool and spa.

    Far more important for them top build something new and trivial than to maintain what they have.

  4. Hmmm….Hey Normie, ever thought of movin’ yer booty out here and helpin us out? Sounds like we sure could use yer expertise!!

    And are ya talking about the same owners of the same hotel we were jointly employed at? Cuz if they are startin’ ANOTHER one, they ARE offa their rocker!

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