Happy Birthday To MEEEEEE!!!

Cute Book! So yep…today is my birthday! How old am I, you ask? Well, if ya don’t know, I’m not gonna tell ya. Lets just say I’m in the next “age bracket”. Nope, I’m not all wigged out or worried or mopey about the fact that I am now THREE DECADES old…doesn’t bother me a bit. Someone in church today told me that now was the time to turn over a new leaf and do the things that I’ve wanted to do or that I SHOULD do. Nice thought…I’ll let you know how far I get in that.

Gila Man and my girlfriend, Karla, along with a bunch of other mom’s from the mom’s group out here (Roxy, Naomi, Rachel, Kelly, Raysha) threw me a SUPRISE birthday party!! It was soooo cool! I’ve never had a suprise birthday before! I was lured to Karla’s house to “Pick up something for the garage”, and as I walked in, all these cameras were pointed at me and everyone (including the kids) yelled “SUPRISE”. I had to try really hard not to cry because of all the kindness and thought and planning that went into something for ME. Though I didn’t shed a tear at the party (I’m still working on that crying in front of people thing), I still get misty eyed when I think of all the love I felt when I walked into that room. What an awesome birthday present!!

So here are a few photos and some of the goodies I got…

Up there is a book from Rachel…yep, it makes me cry…And this is the awesome thing I have hanging next to my front door from Raysha, she is soooo talented!
Isnt This Wrapping Cute?

And scrapbooking stuff from Naomi…

Ok…so now I’m a little peeved cuz my camera (or my computer) won’t keep the photos I keep downloading onto my computer, so I don’t have pics of the super-cool plaque (photo frame) that Raysha gave me, or the flat iron from Roxy, or the YUMMY cake that Karla made. And I don’t have a pic of the COACH PURSE that Karla, *The Beast*, and Gila Man went in on for me. YES, you heard correctly…my husband helped to buy me a purse. And not just any purse, a COACH!!! Like this, but with the large Coach C on it. My husband, like most men, essentially sees a purse as a plastic walmart bag with different colored fabric on the outside. Why not just carry a wallet and stick it in your bra or something, right?

But my husband is also sweet enough to understand that women have their “fancies”, whether it be shoes, purses, makeup, clothes or some other money hoarding hobby, and since the most expensive pair of shoes in our closet was $30 on ebay, he cut me some slack and helped me get a Coach. Thanks babe, you’re a sweetheart!!

I also got $25 bucks from my in-laws which went to purchasing this book, my Grandad sent me a little box filled with AWESOME froggies and some birthday money (so I can buy these shoes), and King Normie sent me a happy little message on my neglected my space page – he never forgets! Yay! I made out pretty good this year. It was really, really nice to know that I was being thought of and that I have friends and family who care about me enough to take the time to do something special for me on my birthday – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To MEEEEEE!!!

  1. I know how Old ye REALLY are! Ain’t a’goin’ to Tell, though!

    I reckon ye has Bugs in yer Teeth older than yer tellin’ folks
    yer Real Age! [Oooooh! Normie! That were Mean!] ;=)

  2. Oooooh! That WAS mean! And I told the right age, I ain’t added or subtracted anything to it. I’ll wait until I’m closer to 40 to start playin’ those games!

  3. So, were you REALLY surprised or was it all an act?? 🙂 I wish I could have been there. And I hope I got the date right on that thing. If not, let me know, it’s an easy fix. In fact, maybe I should just re-do the whole thing because it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. Oh, and I didn’t attach the ribbons permanantly because I didn’t know if you would want them on or not……….. Anyway, I’ve been gone for a week and a half and I’m leaving again on Saturday and will be gone for another 12-13 days. Hope everything is going good. Later Gater!

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