Thurday Thirteen

Is there a boy under that helmet?

So I have my little scooter, ahem, my Piaggio. I think it’s one of the coolest things on the planet and I love to come across those rare moments when I can just take off and go flying down the road with the wind in my face and the bugs in my teeth. It is absolutely one of my favorite things. I have learned a thing or two since riding on my hog (or piglet as Esther sweetly nicknamed it) and that’s going to be the topic of my Thursday Thirteen so here ya go!

1. There are a lot of things (like road kill or garbage) on the road that you pass by in your car and say, gee, that was gross. Those things are even grosser when you are going 35 mph and you can’t swerve away from said nastiness because of oncoming traffic.

2. And they stink WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY worse than they do in your car.

3. Skunks are the most foul smelling creature on the planet – especially the road kill ones.

4. Cow poop is ENORMOUS!!

5. Bugs do not taste good. They are also GINORMOUS in size compared to what they look like in your car.

6. And they will sting you if they go down your shirt.

7. Helmets are good.

8. But there is nothing like getting on my piglet and heading down the road with the wind blowing in my hair and the sun shining on my face and the fun feeling that explodes in my chest as I ride down the street.

9. Buying one gallon of gas every two weeks is awesome.

10. So is getting 65 mpg.

11. I feel cool on my scooter when the motorcycle guys reach out and give me that “hey, what’s up? I have a two wheeled vehicle also so we are really special, more special than people who are driving regular vehicles” wave.

12. Little kids love me (ok, ok…they love the scooter, but I AM RIDING the scooter and it’s all part and parcel, therefore little kids love ME too!).

13. Um, dogs HATE the scooter. And me riding on the scooter. That whole part and parcel bit. They try to bite me. I kick them and keep rocks in my “glovebox” for said dogs.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more “Tales From The Road”. Next up, “Tales From Texas”!


3 thoughts on “Thurday Thirteen

  1. ATTENTION ! ! ! ! ! !

    To The LAMBSON FAMILY ! ! !

    My Friend, Sarah Ann, tells me that she will be bringing several of her Harmonicas to yer Fourth of July Celebration! Seems some of ye Play! This is GOOD!

    I gave those instruments to Sarah a few years ago but DIDN’T tell her that there was a CATCH!!

    I have asked her to Record, in any way possible, Video Camera, Tape, CD, DVD, whatever, the Music, as much as she could get!

    So, PLEASE be sure to take some Recording equipment with ye – PLEASE!!

    I would Dearly Love to hear my Old Friends, the Harmonicas, being Played and Enjoyed ! ! ! !

    Please, Pass This Notice Around!

    I am Sure Most Won’t See it In Time otherwise!

    Thank Ye All So Much!

    Norm Johnson, Safford, Arizona


  2. Good job, Normie. I hope that I won’t have to scurry around finding something to record with now that EVERYBODY else knows about the “catch”. Good thing I like ya so much!

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