Beautiful Girls…

So here were are up in St. John’s for the 24th and the Family Reunion and I thought I would share a coupla pics of the two most beautiful gals up here…

Nice Pose
Nice Pose
Donkey Face
Donkey Face

After visiting and eating freeeeee YUMMY Schwann’s ice cream at the beautiful St. John’s park, we all headed back to the house for more delicious food; Aria’s famous Baked Spaghetti!

After gorging ourselves and cleaning up, the girls hung out in the living room and took some wonderful pics of themselves. No wonder they’re so popular!!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Girls…

  1. CoolI I ain’t had none of Aria’s Baked Spaghetti in nigh on 15 years now! I Miss it!

    But, what I Really Want is News of, and an Ear to, the Music that the Lambson Family hopefully Made with them Harmonicas! And, maybe, some Pictures of the Event!

    I mean, Some of them Folks I ain’t laid eyes in in 4-5 Years!
    Others I ain’t seen in better’n 50 Years!

    Git any Pictures around Town? Did ye git over to Kayys Kountry Kitchen? Is it even Still There?

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