A Sweet Shop

Yep. My mom is opening a sweet shop called Sweet Treats.

I didn’t help with much of the hard stuff, but I did get to unpack the boxes of candy and put them in the jars.

Chocolate covered almonds, peanuts, and cashews.

Black licorice of EVERY KIND.

Gummy worms, sharks, cherries, frog, and cola bottles.

Sour balls, worms, and watermelon.

Jawbreakers the size of my face.

And more. LOTS more….

And if I see or think of or smell anything like that for the next 24 hours, I will probably toss all my cookies, cuz for real, folks. Tasting the candies that “spilled” out of the jars as I was filling them? My mouth might salivate for more, but my tummy says PLEASE STOP!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Sweet Shop

  1. Are you kidding?????

    I could NOT have done it without *SUPER SARAH*


    Here comes the *FUDGE*

    Love you!

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