Coloring INISDE The Lines

When I went to pick Mr. B up from preschool today, his arts teacher pulled out his paper and took me aside. I was immediately prepared for something dreadful;

*Your child hit someone today.

*Your child threw a tantrum so big the kids in the next building heard it.

*He kicked a teacher, he threw blocks, gave someone a bloody nose.

All of these horrible things went racing through my head as she shook her head, lowered her voice and said in Spanish, “No debuja entre las lineas.” (he wouldn’t draw (color) inside the lines).

What? That’s it? He wouldn’t color inside the lines? And delivered with such gravity! I looked at the paper. It was covered (front and back) with yellow and black scribbles and miscellaneous “Noahs”. He knows all of his colors, but he doesn’t like to color with crayons, so what am I supossed to do? He likes to paint, because coloring is boring and doesn’t stimulate any sensory skills like paint does. Does this make him a bad kid? Is he going to suffer for it his whole life for it? Oh, I doubt it. So I took the paper and told her I would work with Mr. B on his coloring and trying to get the colors “inside the lines” from now on. After all, it’s not cool to be a square peg when everyone is trying to shove you into a round hole.


4 thoughts on “Coloring INISDE The Lines

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your sons “terrible” behavior in school. It must be rough tobe the mother of such a “troubled” child. All I can suggest is that you find a good support group. Maybe “Mothers Against Outside Coloring” also known as MOAC (moke). It is nice to know that I don’t have the only child who sometimes wants to be a square peg in a round hole!:)

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