A Busy Day…

Look at the post prior to this one and you will see pictures of lots of candy in the jars and fudge in the showcase. Go ahead, take a look…I’ll wait.

Alright, already! Don’t keep me waiting!

See all that fudge in the showcase and on the counter? Did you take a look at all the jars filled with candy on the shelves? Yes, imagine that showcase COMPLETELY empty (except for one small piece of sugar free fudge, and admit it, does sugar free fudge really count anyway?). EMPTY, as in gone. As in we sold almost all our fudge on our Grand Opening day. There were 34 pans of the yummiest fudge I’ve ever had (and I don’t really like most fudge) and we have a few pounds left. My mom had to make 18 more pans today so she’d have some for the rest of the weekend (it takes 24 hours to set up).

All in all, the grand opening went really well. It’s a fun place to work because you don’t have grumpy people in a candy store…unless we are out of fudge…


5 thoughts on “A Busy Day…

  1. Yeah, that is amazing, congrats. Actually Raysha, I bet for Sarah & her family it’s actually a little better. Being a closer-knit community, people will learn of your store, it’s good service, and quality faster…building that all important trust and relationship with your customers.

    I’ve just finished writing about some more tasty bites,and it includes some VERY tasty sweets too πŸ˜€ . Please check it out, and comment on what you think. Thanks, I appreciate it.


  2. Congrats to you and Marcia!! How exciting the opening went well! Enjoying you posts Sarah…Lost your site for awhile…Nice to be back.

  3. HELLO KRIS!!!!

    Yay! It’s nice to have you back also.Not that you missed much or anything, but it’s nice to have you back in “the loop”.


  4. Man, all I would like to do on labor day is buy candy from a cute little candy store from my awesome sister-in-law Sarah. Too bad we are 16 hours apart or something like that. Move to Utah already. We could find Helaman an awesome job!!!

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