Bugs and Scooters..

Don’t really mix well.

See, we’ve had one of the greenest seasons in a LONG time. We have been blessed with soooo much rain! This of course leads to lots of other things…

Lots of cows in the yard.

Lots of puddles to play in.

Lots of washes to drive through.

And now, lots of grasshoppers to run over/dodge while riding my scooter. Well, I was trying to dodge them, until one of the hoppity little buggers hopped up and INTO my helmet today. REALLY. They may seem small on the road. They may seem little when next to your foot. But those freakin’ frackin’ hoppity buggers are HUGE when stuck inside a helmet with the with the smokescreen shut!! I’m glad the cows were the only witness to the mad-hatter type insanity that prevailed for the first 3 seconds that that bug was in my face.

I slid to a stop, put up the bike, flipped open the visor and shook my head like a dog while screaming like a little girl. I then fell over because I shook my head so vehlemently that I made myself dizzy. And when there are lots of cows around to eat the yummy green grass, drink from the ample water supply, and watch you throw a fit, they tend to leave a cow pie or two behind them. Luckily, it only got a little on my elbow and I had a wipe in the truck of my hog.

Lesson learned: run the little buggers over.


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