30 Days of Nothing…

So Owlhaven has started her “30 Days of Nothing” and has asked others to join her and set up their own rules. The goal, of course, to go without any of the things that you don’t NEED. Like soda pop, chips, that awesome sale at the grocery store. At the end of the month, you go back and see how much money you saved by strictly sticking to the basic necessities. I thought that since my hubby hounds me about saving money anyway, this would be a fun experiment.

Some of our goals are:

*Absolutely no eating out unless Gila Man forgets his lunch, cuz midnight is a long shift without any food.

*Eat ALL the leftovers we make.

*Hang up all the clothes EXCEPT for chonies. Cuz it’s a pain and, hello? Who wants to drive by my place and see my chonies?

*Go through the deep freeze and use up the food before it becomes a solid stick of ice.

*Utilize my trips to bring Mr. B to preschool and driving to the gym by shopping/running errands in that part of town at that time, ONLY.

*Drive my scooter as often as possible. 78 miles per gallon is hard to argue with.

That’s it for now. I will fill you in on how we are doing and let you know if it’s as easy as I think it’s going to be!


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