Quote Of The Day #2

I was waiting for a package from my parents (a package of fresh, homemade fudge, to be exact) and was waiting for Mr. B to clean up his playdoh mess before we went to the mailbox on the scooter.

After asking him 3 times to put the playdoh in the tote, I looked out the sliding glass door to see that it had started raining.

“Look, Mr. B., it’s raining. If you had picked up your play-doh when I first asked you to, we could go check the mail. Now it’s raining and we can’t go.”

Mr. B cocked his head to the side with a thoughtful look on his little face and said, “But Momma, how does not picking up my play-doh make it rain?”


One thought on “Quote Of The Day #2

  1. I absolutely hate it when my child is smarter then me. Aubree outwits me on a regular basis and it makes me wonder what is going to happen when she is a teenager!!?? I think we both better start praying!

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