Fun With Grammie

While I was in Pearce, helping out with the store, my Grammie (who is my mom’s mom) was staying with my mom for a few weeks. While I was there, I did my fair share of alternately helping and harassing my sweet old Grammie as she helped at home and in the store.

One morning, Grammie came out of the bathroom and gave me the tube of toothpaste I was looking for – but her hands were wet!!

“EEEWWWWWWW, GRAMMIE! Your hands are wet and you just came out of the bathroom! EWW, you forgot to wash your hands! EWWWWW!” Just like any 30-year-old woman would do.

“Oh, now, Sarah Ann!!! You know your Grammie better than that! I ALWAYS wash my hands after using the restroom, you little stinker! And here I thought that you were this nice little Morman girl, but no nice little Mormon girls I know of would harass their Grammies in that way. You must be a little Mormon mixed with something else!”

“Well, yeah, Grammie. I am. I have a little Catholic in me.” I retorted.

She looked at me for a second, blinked once, and realized that the whole family is Catholic and technically, that made me a little Catholic too.

Another blink and then we both started laughing so hard that we went in and sat down on the bed, tears rolling down our faces.


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