When Kids Are Quiet…

You know how it goes…you get busy making dinner in the kitchen and suddenly you realize that you can’t hear your kid. What thoughts cross your mind? Well, the thoughts running through my head were as follows;

“Oh, I don’t hear Mr. B. I wonder what he’s doing. If he found the super glue again, oh, he’s gonna be in so much trouble! Oh, maybe he’s outside harassing the cats. Or up on top of his playhouse. He KNOWS he isn’t supposed to climb on that thing. I don’t hear the water running, so that’s a good thing, but only barely a good thing because the kid can make quite a mess without the aid of good ol’ H2O.”

All these thoughts are rolling around in my head as I start to look for my very busy boy. Then I peek around the corner of his bedroom and see this:

My Cute Little Bookworm
My Cute Little Bookworm

I feel a little bad thinking the very worst about the little guy, but in any other normal moment, he woulda found the super glue!

Reading About Dinosaurs
Reading About Dinosaurs

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