Voting Day!!!!


So we’ve been hearing about it and arguing about it and talking about it and re-hashing everything naughty about each candidate and it’s finally the day to get out there and VOTE!! Since it’s voting day and all, I thought I’d share with you a super-quick overview of what I will be casting on my ballot. I know you aren’t supposed to talk about politics or religion with friends (and trust me, I’ve BEEN there), we aren’t actually having a conversation, so I’m not worried. I’m sure we can still hang out. Or at least talk on the phone…

Ok, I totally voted for McCain and Palin. And the “why”? All I have to do is see Obama on the TV and there’s my “why”. I don’t want this to get all heated, so that’s all I have to say about that.

On local state propositions, I voted as follows:

Prop 100: (prohibiting any new tax, fee or other assessment on real estate) YES, because who wants more taxes?

Prop 101: (the health care plan) NO, because I should have the freedom to choose if I do or don’t want health care for myself or my family, and I should be able to choose ANY type of health coverage I feel my family needs.

Prop 102: (only union of one man and one woman shall be recognized as marriage) YES, because it’s the right thing to do. Ok, ok…I could go round and round about this, but I’m not gonna get started on this one. Not today anyway….

Prop 105: (to only allow an initiative to be passed if the majority of REGISTERED voters vote to pass it) NO, because we’ve all seen that not all registered voters head out to the polls on election day. It should be passed by those of us who get offa our duffs, stand in line, and let our voice be heard!

Prop 200: (the payday loan initiative) YES, because we all fall on hard times (especailly now) and nobody deserves to pay a 329% interest rate if they really NEED the money. I was divided on this, because voting yes also repeals the July 1, 2010 termination date for the payday loan licensing program and allows it to continue indefinitely, but someone has to keep these guys in check, so I finally voted yes.

Prop 201: (gives prospective buyers the right to sue over a dwelling action) NO, and when I first heard of this, I was totally going to vote yes, because home builders need to be responsible for the homes that they build. But it’s not just about home builders, it’s about home owners and PROSPECTIVE buyers. Even if someone doesn’t buy my home, they can still sue me for something that goes wrong in the home inspection report. Or sue me for materials and workmanship TEN YEARS after I sell my home to them. Not fair. This was a tricky one.

Prop 202: (revoking liceses of businesses who emlploy unauthorized aliens) YES, because there are plenty of legal channels to come through to work legally here, and the businesses are just taking advantage of cheap seasonal labor.

Prop 300: (raising legislators’ salaries to $30,000 a year, up from $24,000 a year) YES, because, hey! It’s hard times for all and 24 a year won’t get you very far!

Prop 400 & 401: (new housing development in the furthest NORTHERN region of our county) NO, because who would buy my piddly home out here if they can grab a NEW home up there? Where’s all the water going to come from? Who is going to build them? And we need the revenue and numbers OUT HERE, in our schools, on our roads, and in our cities!

That’s all from me today, I do hope that noone is toooo terrible offended, but I do have a funny side note: there was a HUGE, long line outside the polling place, and when I went to stand in line, the guy in charge looked at my voter registration card and said, “Lucky you! You get to go stand in the short line!”. I guess district 7 had a much better voter turnout than district 15, because I was in and out in 15 minutes, while nobody in the long line waited any shorter than one hour. It was fun, and Mr. B and I both got stickers. We are wearing them proudly, no matter what the turnont is.


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