Important Lessons Learned in Preschool

1. Crusts on your sandwiches are just gross. So is “brown” bread unless it’s filled with turkey, cheese, and a piece of lettuce, then his royal highness will consume it.

2. Girls will kick, pinch, AND/OR bite if you get into their kitchen during free play time.

3. It’s ok to push boys down the slide to go faster, but it’s not ok to push girls down the slide. And don’t ask girls to push you down the slide, it’s a waste of time.

4. You can’t trade apple slices for cookies, but you can bribe the cookies off the kid if it’s a boy because you can promise to push him fast down the slide.

5. Don’t stand in Matthew’s place in line. You will get knocked down, kicked, and hit in the face so the teacher has to come and help you find your glasses.

6. Macaroni, though yummy when Momma makes it up, does NOT taste good if you rip it off your paper and try to eat it one the way home from pre-school.

7. There is nothing better than sitting next to your best friend at lunch and sharing EVERYTHING with each other – it makes for the perfect day.

8. Finger paint does not taste good.

9. Homework is the “funnest” part of preschool.

10. Three days a week is just enough for one four-year-old boy to take in.


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