Just What The Doctor Ordered…(you know, if doctors ordered things like this)

So to say that yesterday was an emotional day would be quite an understatement. It was one of those, “If I have to deal with one more completely unplanned and chaotic moment, I’m going to go to bed, pull the covers over my head and stay there until Sunday” kind of days.

But did I stay home and pout? Did I crawl in a corner and cry? Nope. Why?  Because I had GREAT plans laid out for my husband and I last night. Last week, Sis. Bake called and invited us to an “Adults Only 3 Kings Dinner”, which meant I HAD to get a babysitters. I HAD to get dressed up. And I HAD to go out with my husband and see a bunch of other great grown-ups and sit around and enjoy a FANTASTIC meal and talk and laugh and joke without the hassle of wondering which favorite family heirloom my child was pillaging at that moment.  Poor me. It was soooo rough. (yes, these statements are sarcastic)

Each couple brought a dish to share for the evening which meant we had everything from Poppy seed Chicken Casserole to Puerto Rican Beans and Rice. There was even a dish of pickled asparagus…it was spicy but yummy. Then we learned about 3 Kings Day – a Spanish (from Spain) holiday that is celebrated in addition to Christmas (this means more gifts of course).

At the end of the night, (which was later than we had planned), it was nice to enjoy time with fantastic food and wonderful friends. What a great way to clear out the blues. I think every doctor should order a night out with the grown ups!


2 thoughts on “Just What The Doctor Ordered…(you know, if doctors ordered things like this)

  1. That sounds like such a FUN night! I’m sorry that their are such RUDE people out there who would ever dare to make mean comments on your blog, you are so cool, I just don’t get it! Thanks for the password to your blog, I like it, it’s a really funny one! moahahaha.
    oh and ps, all the bones in my body aren’t so nice. moahahahaha

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