A Disappointing Day.

So I had my pre-natal appointment today and was hoping (and seriously praying) that we would be able to get a sonogram so we would know what we are having. See, the thing is, last month I had the flu and a fever, so I had to go in early for my appointment and that counted for my exam for that month. When I asked the receptionist about Janurary’s appt. and getting the sonogram, she told me to just ask the doctor when I came in for my visit and he would do it when I came in that day.

Then factor in lots and lots of pregnant women who actually need some medical care from this doctor and you have over an hour wait and NO time to get a sonogram…sniff, sniff. My doctor also just got BRAND NEW sonogram equipment and since every woman wants to know what they are having, there is a wait to get an appoint. for an ultrasound. Soooooo….I made my appointment to get a sonogram, not just a come in and hope he has the time kind of thing again, with the firm belief that the farther along I am, the more accurately he will be able to determine the sex of the baby.

Kind of a bummer day, except he said the the baby seems fine, I feel great, and everything is running smoothly, so I can’t really complain, but I can still feel a little disappointed about the turn out. On a fun note, while Gila Man and I were in the little office waiting to be seen, he realized that he could get wi-fi on his iPod touch and I found this video. It’s not the best because it’s recorded off the TV, but it makes me laugh every time I see it (which is lots of times) so I thought it would be good to end the post with something that I hope makes you giggle like it made me LAUGH!


5 thoughts on “A Disappointing Day.

  1. I feel for you! We went in for our ultrasound at 22 weeks because it took us forever to get an appt. and even then they weren’t sure what we were having so I had to wait until I was 26 weeks for them to do another ultrasound to determine the sex. So not fair! I’m glad that the baby is healthy and hopefully you will get your exciting news soon! I can’t wait to hear! Oh and I had never seen that video before, it’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Awww, thanks Tiffany. I don’t think it would have been so bad if we weren’t EXPECTING to find out today, but I’m glad I only have to wait two more weeks instead of 4!

  3. My sister went in yesterday to find out what she is having. she is almost 20 weeks. She only gets one ultra sound, so she wanted to make sure that she was far enough along that they could for sure tell what it was. Well, she gets there and the baby is in a ball the whole time. The technition tried for an hour to get it to move in a different position, but no luck, so she was so so bummed. That is weird that two peole I know had very similar disappoinments only a day apart. But she is not going to be able to wait. She will probably end up paying cash to get another one. I would do the same thing!

  4. Oh, yeah!! So would I. It’s totally worth it!

    BTW, I used today’s ultrasound appointment to drink a 12-oz Dr. Pepper, just in case. My kid was kicking and moving and I STILL didn’t get a pict, but I would definently recommend it!

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